One-Visit Dental Crowns

Dr. Alidadi delivers high-quality, natural-looking restorations.

Natural-looking, durable crowns in a single visit

Dr. Feryal Alidadi uses the breakthrough computerized CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) 3D system to create high-quality durable all-porcelain crowns right in her office. No more temporaries are needed, no more waiting weeks for your permanent restoration to be made at the lab. Dr. Alidadi can provide you custom, perfectly matched and perfectly fitted dental crowns, inlays and onlays — all in a single visit!

Dr. Alidadi has over two decades of experience and has placed hundreds of crowns. She’s completed many continuing education classes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry at some of the top dental learning institutions including The Pankey Institute and Spear Education. She’ll make sure your permanent crown is fitted expertly and painlessly.

How CEREC works

One-Visit Crowns

Dr. Alidadi plans your crown restoration using the CEREC’s advanced 3D modeling technology.

With the CEREC system, Dr. Alidadi has the ability to custom-design, mill and make any needed adjustments to your crown while you wait. You and Dr. Alidadi will first go through a color matching process to pick the right shade to match your surrounding teeth.

Fast, clean, precise digital impressions

The Omnicam digital scanner lets Dr. Alidadi make a digital impression of your teeth with pinpoint accuracy. The best part is that it’s virtual impression; there is no more biting down on impression material or putty molds when you need a restorative treatment. The Ominicam scans precise 3D images of your teeth and gums in their natural color, which are then sent to Dr. Alidadi’s 3D software.

Custom-designing your new crown

CEREC One-Visit CrownsWith the 3D images provided by the Omnicam, Dr. Alidadi is able to design your crown on the CEREC system so that the size, shape and biting surface of your new crown are an exact match. The goal is to ensure that your restored tooth looks good and is comfortable to use for biting and chewing.

Custom-milling your new crown

Using a block of high-quality porcelain, your crown will be custom-milled by Dr. Alidadi to closely match the properties of your natural teeth.

Creating the perfect match

Your final CEREC Crown is ready for placement. Dr. Alidadi can make on-the-spot modifications to your crown’s size, shape and color right in the office. Because CEREC is an in-house system, this all takes place right in the office with no having to schedule a second appointment.

Benefits of the CEREC system

  • One visit is all it takes. CEREC restorations can be completed in one visit with Dr. Alidadi, eliminating the need multiple visits to the dentist.
  • CEREC One-Visit Crowns

    Our friendly staff will explain the process and answer any questions you have.

    Strong & durable. Studies have shown that CEREC porcelain crowns are strong and last as long metal-filled crowns. The crowns are milled out of a single block of porcelain so they are less likely to crack or have flaws.

  • Your crown will look natural. The porcelain Dr. Alidadi uses for CEREC restorations has the same translucency as natural teeth. The ceramic blocks come in 17 shades, so color matching is easy and precise. Your new dental crown will look like one of your natural teeth.
  • Your crown will feel natural. CEREC restorations are designed to feel like natural teeth. Dr. Alidadi will polish and shape your crowns so they align perfectly and feel comfortable in your mouth.
  • Our CEREC crowns are milled out of a single block of body-friendly porcelain. That means there’s no core material, including metal.

Onlays and Inlays in one visit

CEREC One-Visit CrownsOnlays and inlays are porcelain restorations that go on or inside the cusps of a tooth to fill a large cavity or damaged tooth. When the damage to the tooth is beyond what a filling can repair, Dr. Alidadi may use an inlay or onlay. This is also a more conservative treatment than using a crown to repair the tooth as with onlays and inlays as much of the tooth’s natural structure is kept as possible. Using CEREC technology, Dr. Alidadi can mill high quality porcelain onlays and inlays in one visit.

Replacing your old crowns

Dr. Alidadi can repair any low-quality, older crowns made from non-durable materials or crowns that have already broken down with strong and natural-looking porcelain ones. She’ll perform a complete exam and evaluate what should be removed and replaced to optimize both esthetics and your oral health. Get a Free Cosmetic Consultation and find out more about fixing a tooth that is decayed or broken down with natural-looking CEREC one-visit porcelain crowns.

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