Teeth Wear & Grinding

Teeth Wear & Grinding – White Plains Family Dental

Grinding your teeth at night while sleeping can cause extensive damage to your teeth. Dr. Alidadi can help.

Mouth Guards protect your smile

Mouth guards are durable clear and colored plastic devices that cover the teeth and gums. They are often used to protect teeth, lips and gums from injury caused by contact sports or teeth grinding. Dr. Feryal Alidadi also offers mouth guards for the treatment of TMJ.

No matter which type of mouth guard you need, Dr. Alidadi will make sure that it’ll be resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable. It will fit properly and not restrict either your speech or breathing.

Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards

Teeth Wear & Grinding – White Plains Family Dental

Dr. Alidadi can help fit you for the right mouth guard, depending on your individual needs.

Children and adults who grind their teeth at night should get a nighttime mouth guard to prevent tooth damage. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause headaches and pain in the jaw. And frequent teeth grinding can lead to fracturing or loss of teeth.

Dr. Alidadi’s special mouth guards provide a cushion between your lower and upper teeth. This helps to protect them from the harmful effects of nighttime clenching and grinding.

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TMJ Mouth Guards

Teeth Wear & Grinding – White Plains Family Dental

TMJ disorders can lead to headaches and other problems. A TMJ mouth guard can help relieve the pain.

TMJ can be caused by an injury like a blow to the jaw, teeth that don’t fit together properly or extreme stress caused by constant jaw clenching, teeth grinding or even improper eating.

Common TMJ symptoms include: headaches, dizziness, ear pain, ringing of the ear and sounds that can include popping, grinding and clenching. If you suffer from TMJ, Dr. Alidadi can help. Her TMJ mouth guards work to relieve pain and gently repair the misaligned bite over time.

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Sports Mouth Guards

Teeth Wear & Grinding – White Plains Family Dental

Dr. Alidadi supplies mouthguards for all kinds of sports.

Mouth guards should be used by anyone playing contact sports. Using a mouth guard when playing contact sports helps limit the risk of injuries to your teeth, lips, tongue and soft tissues of your mouth. The American Dental Association estimates that mouth guards prevent around 200,000 injuries every year in high school and college football alone.

Dr. Alidadi can supply you or your child with a mouth guard for use in sports. She will make sure it is comfortable and fits correctly.

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